Sunday, February 14, 2010

14 Days of Love: by Dan

Today's list comes to us from my very own Valentine, Dan.What can I say? He's my husband and he's the sexiest man alive. Dan's list of talents include dancing with a varietyof moves compiled from {Donna Richardson} aerobic workouts, singing loudly with an awesome bass voice (and then singing the soprano part when bass has a few measures of rest), designing retaining walls, {surveying the land}, changing diapers, saving the day, cheering loudly at athletic events, working hard, putting up with me, and consuming vast amounts of rice and beans. The man is a national treasure.

And now, to conclude our 14 days of love, here are 14 things Dan loves:

1. I love that when I was in elementary school (probably 3rd grade-ish) I had a crush on our librarian, until one time when we came back to school after Christmas break or being off track or something like that and I realized that she had saggy arms.
2. I love hearing songs on the radio that remind me of Megan and how much I love her.
3. I love a hefty handful of change, full of interesting coins for me to keep in my special cardboard coin-collecting box.
4. I love working very hard to get something done, and then in the process discovering that there is an easier way to do it, cause then I feel like I am ahead of the game for the next time that I have to do that thing.
5. I love the nicknames me and Megan think up to call each other. Loverbuns is a fun one.
6. I love University of Utah football. I went to the Ute Shoot preview in 1999, but I didn't do too well cause I stayed out late the night before (high school kids have bad priorities). They measured my height at 5-feet and 11.5 inches. I think I was too short. If only I was a half inch taller maybe I could have played for them.
7. I love that whenever I drive by a bean silo, I get hungry for a Twinkie.
8. I love that my favorite song from my junior high years is Kiss From A Rose by Seal. Those were some awkward years- {see here}.
9. I love fishing, although I will confess that I have not fished in a long time and I do not typically have good fishing technique or luck.
10. I love familiar smells that make me instantly overcome with fond memories.
11. I love Toyota cars and trucks. See {here}, {here} and {here}.
12. I love food. All types, colors and kinds except for shellfish cause they make my throat hurt.
13. I love the shows Time Team America, History Detectives and Antiques Roadshow on PBS and I love the infomercial for Amish fireplace mantels. Watch it {here}.
14. Most of all, I love my beautiful wife and my hilarious three children!


K said...

And I love that you aren't puny about taking a respectable piece of cake. And that you love Megan. And Kissed by a Rose, which everybody in my family exCEPT G loved. Good job. The bean silo is a little weird though.

EmmaP said...

hahahahaha - the Librarian? too funny! I always say I've got "lunch lady arms"... so at least it wasn't the Lunch Lady!

and #7...hmm... a little odd. hehehe.

Dan said...

I should explain about the twinkies and bean silos. Every summer when I was young my parents would take us six kids on a road trip to southern Colorado. We would all cram in the family car which was either a station wagon or a minivan. Now that I have kids, I have no idea how they were able to pack six kids and all their stuff to go on a 600-mile trip. Our car was filled to the brim even with just three kids when we made the same trip last summer.

Once you pass Monticello, Utah, and head east into Colorado, you start passing a few small towns that have a lot of bean farmers. I have a slight memory of passing through this area one year when I was terribly sick of being in the car and started complaining and whining to no end. All my mom could do to quiet me was give me a twinkie, or two or three. Maybe four.

As I mentioned, last summer, Megan and I took our kids on the same road trip. It had been about 9 years since the last time I went on this road trip. As we started passing the bean silos, the memory of the twinkies suddenly came back and I had a humongous urge to eat one. Oh, it was overpoweringly insane.

Now, I will be better prepared and I will have a box twinkies with me the next time we pass these particular bean silos.

Megan said...

yes your mother had 6 kids, but she didn't have to take 2 high chairs and 2 cribs. And I dare say a van has more cargo space. Sorry, I know you don't want to admit that.

Holli and Billy said...

I wish I remembered who the librarian was in elementary! That totally made me laugh!

jwise said...

Nice! What a great list. And what a perfect match for Megan. :) P.S. I love Toyota, too!!!!

Megan said...

Holli, Dan said it was a Mrs. Steele. Does that ring a bell? I'm sure she was lovely (except for the arms of course).

Meridee said...

Very fun list, Loverbuns! It Hostess cupcakes that I like. Oh and DingDongs. And I love your hilarious children. They are so much fun to watch while they are playing. Oh, and we love you too, Dan.

Beth said...

That amish fireplace commercial was pretty much the worst video ever made!
But I mostly liked how you had a crush on your librarian.

Megan said...

like anyone could even know that Beth!

TRS said...

You two seem like a fun pair.

But regarding #12 ... you need an allergy test, you are probably allergic to shellfish and suffering from minor anaphylactic shock.
Unless you already know that and this was your way of delicately saying you are allergic to shellfish. In which case... never mind me!

Anyway - it's very serious and could be fatal. Even via cross-contamination.


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