Thursday, January 21, 2010

Friday Favorites

  • {Hulu} is amazing. I don't watch t.v. on a t.v. anymore. I watch it on my laptop while I'm doing dishes or folding laundry. I don't have to worry about missing an episode of the Office or wonder if I'll be able to relate to Dan's obsession with the show {Chuck}. Because now I can catch up at my leisure.
  • Dan and I were watching a Toyota commercial and Dan turned and said to me, "Gosh, that was a tender commercial." He was totally serious. I think I saw a tear in his eye. That man loves him some Toyota.
  • I just love the library. Our library isn't huge and it doesn't always have the books I want, but I love looking around and picking random books to take home. Lately, I've enjoyed checking out movies. Hello! Better than redbox. Plus, they have classic movies redbox doesn't carry.
  • Last night at the baby shower I attended I met a handful of blog readers I didn't know I had. Hurray for instant friends! One of them, Amy, came into the party and said "Hey!" to me like she'd known me since kindergarten. Made my night. Thanks to everybody who reads and says such nice things to me about my blog.
  • I now have 3 friends who are expecting twins. So exciting! Is it just me or are twins happening more often these days? It might be me because twins happen every day at this house.


Camille said...

I'm still laughing about the previous post!!! Hungry as a wolf, right on! Ok, so I too only watch tv on a laptop, because well, I refuse to pay for cable. I'm that lame. yep. Thank you, hulu. And, I must admit, my husbands tv addictions have run over to myself. Although I still have a hard time appreciating the Office, I have learned to love Chuck, and I am trying desperately to catch on to Heroes. :)

K said...

Libraries. I love 'em.

Friends. I love 'em, too.

Toyotas. I drive 'em.

Marilyn said...

Hulu! I love it! We never used to watch shows (no TV) but there really are a few worth watching these days, and I love being able to finally relate to people's conversations about the Office and what-have-you. (Have you seen Psych? We have liked what we've seen of that as well as Chuck.)


jwise said...

You're too hilarious! I love reading what you think. I have got to try out Hulu!!! (And I love my Toyota.)

Tiffany said...

I think twins are happening more these days. Still, I never thought it would happen to me. And hulu and technology in general, love it.

Jill_ums said...

I have an obsession with Chuck too. And so does Ryan. Maybe it runs in the family. But what's really important is that Chuck is the MOST AWESOME SHOW EVER!!!!


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