Monday, January 25, 2010

Oh Maggie...

Hop over to {Dan's Blog} to read about Dan's experience with Maggie this weekend. He took her to the Jazz game on Saturday night where she spent the majority of the second half hiding under her seat from the Jazz Bear.

Scary thing that bear.

At least she was pumped about the vintage K. Malone jersey we dressed her in for the event ("My own bass-ick ball shirt? My own?"). Yes, Mags, your very own.


Ginna said...

Dan's story was great!
I think dads that are brave enough to take their little people places are the best.

Hill Call said...

I love your children. I love that Maggie used her brothers to let Dan know she hadn't forgotten that, very subtle of her!

jwise said...

Oh, I am SUCH a Jazz fan from the Stockton-Malone days. I'm not sure whether you're quoting Maggie or Karl when you referred to the "bass-ickball" shirt, but either way it's funny.

K said...

My sister used to be terrified of the Santa Claus at Santa's Village.

When boogey-men wear really big suits—


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