Monday, January 25, 2010

Saint Megan

Long ago, before we were married, Dan mentioned to me something about a Catholic school near his house. The school was called St. Olaf's. Olaf was a saint I'd never heard about (but I'll be honest, as a {Mormon}, there are a lot of Catholic Saints I'd never heard about). So, after laughing about the name Olaf, which is a really funny name in my opinion, {I googled it}.

Turns out: Olaf was a viking, a king, and the guy mostly responsible for bringing Christianity to Norway. Pretty awesome stuff. A viking missionary? That's hardcore.

What was also awesome, was that in searching for saints I found out that there are millions of them. Name a name and I bet there's a Saint of that name with an awesome story. So, when I filled Dan in on my research, we researched a little together. And for my birthday that year, Dan gave me this:


Tonight when I started my quest to {organize my jewelry situation}, I came across my little necklace and it made me smile. Dan thinks I'm a saint. Now isn't that sweet?


EmmaP said...

awww.... I just shed a tear... all in the name of Sainthood!

jwise said...

Well, you ARE! (Love the pendant. Very sweet!)

K said...

Yes, but most saints went through hell and back, losing virtue and body parts and walking through fire to get where they are today (the center of a medallion). So I'm wondering what Megan did???

A Viking missionary isn't beyond imagining - but instead of using bikes, they used long boats, and their door approach had a lot to do with axes. Dangerous not to convert in those days . . .

Dan said...

K, I put Megan through Hell everyday (I don't mean to, it just happens). And those kids, don't even get me started.

In my book Megan is the most spiritual, caring and giving saint ever. If there were a SuperBowl of saints (which BTW there is for the first time ever Feb. 7, 2010 CBS)Megan would be the world champion.

As far as loosing body parts, Megan went with me on Saturday and donated blood while Chelsea watched our kids. I don't know about Megan, but it made me very happy to have her with me donating blood. We had a really good time despite all the crazies and meanies at the donation center. And we ate some good Lorna Dunes.

This weekend as we checked our finances she suggested that we take the $38 that was leftover in our monthly budget for groceries and donate it to Haiti. Which we did which means she has to sacrifice that little bit more to make do with what we already have.

She spends countless hours every week preparing lessons and taking care of her beehive girls and fellow advisors at church. Though her life is far from being stress-free and perfect, she lends an ear to listen to others to help them feel better. She's not like me in that I try to fix everything. No, she just listens and then gives encouragement.

She is a saint for giving of herself so freely in physical, emotional and spiritual ways.

I love you Saint Megan. You're the best ever.

Ashley said...

So sweet! And amazingly... there is a Saint Ashley, too! Unfortunately he was tortured for 2 years then executed. Oh, my!

Tasha said...

Yep Dan, you're right - Megs is the world champion saint. I have a saint at my house too. Christopher proudly wears his Saint Christopher pendant, I love it.


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