Monday, February 15, 2010


The kids and I are celebrating president's day
with a stomach bug.
But you'd better believe when I'm feeling better,
and can stray more than a few steps from the toilet,
I'll be making a few of {these}.

Have a good one.
Hope your husband doesn't have to work like mine does.


Sharlyn said...

Stomach bug, bad. T-shirt, cute :) Hope you feel better sooner than later :)

Kirsten said...

The tee shirt is super cute! We too are stuck with the stomach bug. Besides church and the kids' Valentine parties on Thurs. I haven't left the house in nine days thanks to the stomach bug. I think everyone that I talk to lately has been getting it. And Ammon's on call until tomorrow too..sure which you lived closer so we could hang out and whether it together!!! Someday.... Feel better soon!

Tigersue said...

Michael was sick yesterday too. Not so fun.

K said...

I wouldn't mind have a stomach bug if you threw up fat. In fact, I'd drive over to your house just to sit really close to you today, if that were the way it worked. Because I have had too much cake and valentine's stuff and - I like the T-shirts.

C C & R said...

We battled the stomach bug here a couple weeks ago. It was awful! I hope it doesn't linger for very long!

EmmaP said...

Bleh on the stomach bug. Yay for the cute tees. And methinks my husband must be working, cuz I haven't even met him yet! Haha!

jwise said...

We had a stomach bug two weeks ago and it was AWFUL. I'm so sorry it hit you. And on a holiday. And on a holiday that your husband had to work!! (Mine did, too. I hate that.)


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