Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Engineer Made Me Do It

{He did it again}--got out the surveying crud and coerced me into holding the big measuring rod while he peeked through the telescope thing and wrote down decimals as people drove by and made fun of us in their heads.

But this time I totally got into it. For Dan's sake. Nothing's foxier to a civil engineer than a hot girl holding a measuring rod wearing a hard hat.

Then Maggie decided to get geeked up, too. She's got a lot of her father in her.


Rachel said...

Go girl! I think it is the dancing around the pole that Dan likes. :D

If we push the button on Mag's hat will she collapse like the robots on Star Wars? :)

EmmaP said...

you sport that hard hat pretty well, my dear!

Marilyn said...

I don't know what was wrong with YOU in college, but _I_ always looked with great admiration at those serious-looking engineers working with their surveying equipment by the Bell Tower. "Make someone a fine husband, those boys will," I said to myself.

And looks like I was right, hmm?

wv: "under." ??? what? a real word?

Ashley said...

Love it!! Looks like a fun family activity. Haha!

PBN said...


If Dan ever needs any help running this survey equipment, I'd be happy to help. He wouldn't even have to train me cause I know how to use that stuff.


Mr. Adrianne Jones Woods

Kati said...

AWESOME!!! You can really see the joy eminating (sp?) from Dan's face over the whole experience!

I know you are totally the cupcake queen- but I am just dying for a good lime ricky! Is there anywhere in this valley that has one--- a good one??

jwise said...

Love the pictures!!! How much fun is that?!? Lookin' good in the foxy picture!! :)

cryst said...

YOU ARE SO SUPER SEXY! I love your freaking guts! Your little family is beautiful. Good job being supportive of your Dan!


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