Thursday, April 16, 2009

You Never Know How Dumb You Sound...

Until you have a two year old who repeats it. I must use these phrases a lot or, maybe Maggie has just latched onto them for emotional significance:

"Ooooh, tricky!" [pronounced "shricky"]

"Oh man! Shoot!"


Marilyn said...

Oh heavens, yes. Or just as bad, a three-year-old bossing his brothers around with the same phrases YOU use:
"Malachi, put that down! That is NOT A GOOD IDEA!"
"Abey, you forgot to flush the toilet, and I DO NOT APPRECIATE going in the bathroom and finding the toilet not flushed!"
"Mommy, someone is playing with my monkey, and I'm NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT."

Beth said...

From now on, I'll call things shricky, too. It's catchy.
Lincoln and Asher giggle everytime Clara says she was a Pincess Booty cake for her b-day. "She said booty." they whisper between them.

K said...

Actually, tricky is your mom's idiom. And YOU don't sound dumb when you say these things - they just sound really odd when they come out of teeny tiny little mouth with attitude.

the fellers said...


EmmaP said...

at least you're not walking around swearing!

I remember the first time Kienna picked up a toy cell phone. She held it between her neck and shoulder, and pranced around the house, with hands on hips, saying things like, "really?... mmm-hmm... I see... oh my word." I was like, "is that what I do when I am on the phone?"

When the boys would get wound up she would also put her hands on her hips and say, "Boys! That's Not Mess-a-cerry!"

I remember when Kadin would cry, I would pick him up and HE would pat *MY* back, and say, "I gonna be otay, gonna be otay"...

Its funny when i took kienna shopping at a boutique once, when she was about 2, she would say, "dat is so a-do-wa-ble" at EVERYTHING.

Funny what they pick up on.

My friend told me that she didn't realize how often she cursed her retired neighbor man, until one day he was out mowing the lawn, and her two year old peered out the window, shook her head in disgust, and declared, "damn ol' man!"

jwise said...

I know exactly what you mean!! My kids did that, too. So hilarious. Just make sure you write them down somewhere where she can see them one day. :) We STILL pronounce things the "shricky" way our kids did. We have our own Family Vocabulary now. When I went to Richfield last month (without the rest of my entourage), I found it took me 5 or 6 days to STOP using words like "fweeze" ("please").

Andrea said...

May is looking good for me. Better than April--it has been a crazy month. Starring in a movie is like that. Ha!


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