Monday, January 10, 2011

Ornament Party 2010

We had another successful Williams Family Christmas Ornament Party a few weeks ago. Each year the members of my family make original ornaments and exchange them around the holidays. Its a tradition I love and look forward to all year! For past years see {here} and {here}. 

7 year old Asher's ornament is adorable. The story is that when his family moved into their house (when Asher was 2) he had a hard time adjusting to his new nursery teachers at church. He didn't get nearly the same amount of treats and handouts he'd gotten at his old church. After one especially stingy Sunday, Asher ran out to meet his dad and exclaimed, "They didn't give me NUSSING! (nothing)" It's become a favorite family expression.

4 year old Clara made this adorable horsey ornament. The tail was awesome. No, the whole thing was awesome. And when Maggie chickened out in the exchange and decided to keep her own ornament Clara said, "Well, you should've didn't bring it." That had me laughing for ten minutes.

My dad carved this fantastic star Santa. I wanted it in the worst way, but the ornament Gods weren't on my side apparently.

Dan put together this patriotic ensemble. He made the cube out of a flag, then he beaded the fancy garland, and fastened a percussionist on the top that he purchased at D.I. The empty eye holes are my favorite part.

I made this pink bird perch ornament. And I'm quite happy with it. I used some fabulous fabrics from Great Aunt Winnie's fabric stash.

Mom made this wonderful wool stocking. It's very sweet. Mom can blanket stitch like nobody's business.

The story behind Beth's fantastic ornament is that my parents rented a car once in Denver to drive to my sister's house. It was late at night so their visibility was pretty bad inside the car but it smelled terrible. They couldn't figure out what the smell was. Finally, my Dad offered his insight to my mother(that will forever haunt him), "I figured out what that dog poo smell is. It's your breath, Honey!" The best part of the story is that the next morning they found a pile of vomit in the back seat. Beth brought that wonderful moment to life for the holidays. And luckily my mom won this ornament so she can torture my dad with his insensitivity.

Joel made this gorgeous flower out of copper wire. I won it. And I love it!

9 year old Lincoln made this fantastic "Toilet Paper Sandwich." The story behind this one is that when my siblings and I were young we used to fake like we were asleep to get out of things. We'd goof off after bedtime but when we'd hear Mom coming we'd all fake sleep. Mom would catch us by saying, "toilet paper sandwiches" because it made us laugh without fail. And who can fake sleep when they're laughing? Not me.  Really, what's funnier than a toilet paper sandwich? 

I love being part of this family.


Pam Williams said...

Even I look forward to your annual ornament exchange! I love its dual purpose - decoration AND family history. You can't beat a tradition like that.

Andee said...

What a fantastic tradition!! I love it and the ornaments are adorable!!

Beth said...

It was an awesome party. I think we went home with the best of the ornaments: Dan's, your mom's, your dad's and the totie paper sandwich.

Beth said...

Wait, we also got YOURS! Which I love!!!!

Katie Gee said...

Those are some great stories!

jww said...

I look forward to this post EVERY YEAR!! I love the ornaments!!! My goodness, what talent! LOVE it!

K said...

FOUL!! FOW-ELLLLLLL!!! You wouldn't even HAVE this party if it weren't for me, and now here you are doing it and your PARENTS never made it to MY party with ornaments. That STAR!! Can you tell by the caps that I am FURIOUS about this?????? And you've turned the whole thing into this huge family-stories-done-in-media fiasco that I would have made up myself if I hadn't started the whole thing (actually, my dad and mom started it) way before you or Ginna or anybody were ever even born. You and your sense of humor and the brilliant children and your funny family.

Like being graded on a curve. (My side is the boring side.)

I can't tell whether I want to butt my head into every wall of this house or tear my hair out or howl very loudly over this. But please inform your father that the fact that he admitted that he did NOT look forward to coming to my house and making a star to do it, then did it anyway except NOT at my house makes me FEEL BAD. Now I FEEL BAD. Like I came in last. Or something.

I want that star. Also many other of these things. Except nobody'd know the stories behind them. because they are your stories. Now, I've got to figure out if WE have any stories? Oh, why am I so boring?

Cheeseboy said...

That Santa one your dad did is awesome. They are all cool though. What an awesome tradition.

Angela said...

Holy cow! You guys have some skills!! What a fun tradition...and I love the toilet paper sandwhich. Aunt Meridee cracks me up big time.

Camille said...

You have the coolest family. Wanna adopt me? My kids are STILL laughing about the toilet paper sandwich. I wish they would fake sleep so I could use it on them. But they are extremely blatant about their refusal of going to bed. NO imagination at all, just "I'm not tired and I'm not going to bed." lame.

Rachel said...

Every year I look forward to this post. I just love what you all come up with! So cute. So hilarious. SO FUN! I just love your family.

LL said...

I love the stories behind those hilarious!


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