Thursday, December 4, 2008

Urnaments *

*Pronounced like the Target lady on SNL. I looked for a clip to share but it seems to not be found on the interweb.

As per request, here are pictures of the ornaments exchanged at the 3rd annual Williams Family Ornament Party. For a peek at last year's party and a synopsis of what and why we do this, click here.

The lovely Miss Madison (age 9) made this"green" ornament out of old NewsWeek Magazines. Very cool and Earth Friendly.

Beth came through with a painted gourd complete with a quote by her father, about how much he hates the Democrats (we don't tell him that we all are that which he hates 'cause he seems to like us.)

Beth's ornament from the front. It's a Dema-Cat. Get it? (I only say "Get it?" 'cause that's what Dan says to me whenever I give him that 'oh my gosh you're cheesey' stare.)

Another political beauty is Matt's Election '08 ornament. It has alternating red and blue sides with pictures of almost all the candidates who ran--including a picture of Rudy Guiliani that I had to look at for a minute to figure out who it was (not the most flattering there, Rudy).

If there's anything Cam's good at, it's making fun of our mother. But he does it with love, truly. This is a parody of a phrase my mom came up with for Joel to use as an answer when Beth asked him to the Morp dance in high school ("I say yes to mor...mor...mor...More Cookies!"). She'll never live it down, bless her. 

We always fight over Dad's amazing Santa Claus carvings.

Taylor's sequin ball was a definite favorite. It was the first to go. I wanted it bad. Poor kid spent hours on it. Hours.

Mom's pretty little tinsel tree with hand beaded ornaments was also a hit.

Courtney made this beautiful little box decorated with vintage postcards , lacy paper and glitter.

The front of Court's ornament

Joel made this Jolly snowman out of an old Oil dropper (or something, I'm no mechanic). I really coveted it.

Dan hunted for, cut, polished, drilled, and soldered this awesome geode ornament that Taylor took home.

How could you not love this Yoda ornament by Asher? Especially since he was Yoda for Halloween.

This is the back of my Napoleon Dynamite ornament. It has a miniature pencil I painted, and drawings of Tricia and a liger. The fabric is from Great Aunt Winnie's fabric stash.

This is the front, I made it by needle felting. It's my favorite craft which I feel I'm semi good at it (bonus!)


Ginna said...

There's no Terrget lady online? Or just no clip of her saying uurnament? I remember her saying that, by the way.
I love all the ornaments. They're so fabulous. I'd pay real money for all of them. Youguys are amazing!

jwise said...

Those are all outstanding!! Who knew your dad could carve?! (Well, okay, maybe everyone knew that but me.) Those are just amazing. What an AWESOME tradition!! Thanks for sharing. That was so enjoyable! :)

Anonymous said...

Those ornaments are fabulous!!!

Rachel said...

Those are awesome! I love this tradition!

Ems said...

why is everything your family does awesome? and do you put together events and bake and craft and have cute hair with all those babies?


Emily said...

I have to ask if your dad sells those Santa ornaments! Does he?

Megs said...

Ginny, I could find the Valentine's Target skit, but not the Christmas with Justin Timberlake. Sad.

Emily, no, sadly, Dad doesn't sell them. He really only makes one per year and we're lucky we get that out of him. :-) I'll let you know, though, if one should become available.

Tiffany said...

This is one of my favorite posts of the year! I love seeing all the creative ornaments!

The Willeyes said...

What a fun tradition, and what awesome ornaments. You should sell yours:) You're family is great!

the fellers said...

what a great idea, and what cute ornaments!

Angela said...

What a cool idea! You guys have some serious skills. Glad to claim you as family :)


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