Thursday, December 4, 2008

WPA--Something Good from the Depression

 I've always been a fan of FDR and his genius idea of the WPA. And now I'm even more fond of it because I've discovered its art. Go here. I can't stop looking at it, and I can't decide what to buy. I love it all. 

See, my friend Tasha spent some time spreading the Lord's good word in Armenia. She brought back with her some fantastic art. One of the pieces that I really crushed on was an old health poster encouraging people to eat fruits and vegies (or something--I really don't read Armenian). Anyway, I wished that we had American posters like that for sale.

Well, we do. Some of them are inspiring. Some of them are hilarious. All of them are a piece of history. Plus, they're in English--so you can read them. These are some of my favorites:

No creature in this world so ignorantly nurtured as the average baby Advice at your health bureau - WPA Posters 

Only God can make a tree - WPA Posters

14th Illinois cattle feeders meeting Nov 8 1940 University of Illinois Urbana Ill - WPA Posters

A good lunch  one hot dish meat vegetables  sandwich  fruit  milk WPA school lunch - WPA Posters

A young mans opportunity for work play study  health   Bender  made by Illinois WPA Art Project Chicago - WPA Posters
I like this one because my Grandpa Williams was in the CCC.

Be clean in everything that concerns your baby - WPA Posters

Brookfield ZooBy the L   Long - WPA Posters

Eat these every day - WPA Posters

Help your neighborhood by keeping your premises clean Tenement House Dept of the City of New York  FH Laguardia Mayor  Langdon W Post Commissioner - WPA Posters

I could go on picking favorites, but I'll let you go pick your own.


Ginna said...

wow, so awesome, I love them! I'm going to go explore.

Rachel said...

I like the last one.......but only if it doesn't apply to me...considering what my yard looks like these days..... :o)

Emily said...

Where do you find these things! These are GEM's.

The Willeyes said...

Those are great! Thanks for sharing:0)

Eva said...

i really love these


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