Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we went to my parents house for a fantastic feast. The twins' jello was a hit, as were Dan's carrots harvested from our garden. Beth's stuffing and yams were to die for. My brother Joel and cousin Becca were there with their families and we had a right jolly time of it.

There was hugging.

And more hugging.

Then we ended with the traditional marionette nativity performance.

Maggie was honored to be in charge of lighting.

Merry Christmas indeed. I'm already excited for next year.


jww said...

Sounds delish. Love the pictures of the hugging. And the marionette nativity?!?! How cool is THAT?!

Amy said...

That is the coolest tradition I've ever heard of--a marionette nativity! That is so neat. Who made the marionettes and the backdrop?

Megan said...

My mom bought the Marionettes about 10 years ago at the Swiss Day's festival in Midway. Then Joel constructed the backdrop and Courtney, my mom, and I painted it. We love it!

Cheeseboy said...

I'm starting to think what is missing from our Christmas eve tradition is a puppet show. Pretty fun idea.

K said...

Okay. Wow. Looking at that marionette show - it really took me back. I have pictures of - was it Court and JL? Were you born yet? Yes. Of course you were. All of you guys and Gin and Cam - having made these paper puppets, doing this puppet show in my living room. I called you mom because I was so wowwed by the work you'd done and how cool it was, and she shrugged it off, refusing to come down, because for her, these clever puppet shows were business as usual, common as dirt at your house.

I'd never thought about having a feast on New Years. I hate the idea of cooking big at Christmas, but I miss the gathering. So maybe I'm going to take a new look at this New Year's idea. Stuffing. Oh, yeah. I could go for that. Beth is wizard in the kitchen. Did she bring any cupcake hamburgers?

I wish I wasn't always so tired. Maybe I could be creative about life, too.


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