Thursday, December 31, 2009


Tonight kinda sucks. I'm sick, thus I'm missing out on the annual {Williams Family Christmas Ornament exchange} party. I'll post my awesome ornament--that I made and did NOT exchange--soon.

But instead of continuing to feel sorry for myself, I'm looking to the future and setting a few resolutions for the coming year:
  1. Make the 3 quilts that I did not make in 2009.
  2. Renovate our master bathroom. If that goes well, we just might tackle the kitchen.
  3. Make {these} adorable pelmet boxes for the window in our front room.
  4. Read The Book of Mormon again.
  5. Complete my {Personal Progress}.
  6. Run a 10K or half marathon.
  7. Keep being awesome.
Yep, that should do it.


Amanda D said...

Sorry you're sick! Feel better soon.

One of my goals is to finish all the unfinished quilts I have. Good luck with yours!

Katie Gee said...

I am dying over the pelmet boxes. How easy! I've been trying to decide what I should do in my bedroom over the window. It's so easy and cheap! Wow. Thanks!

Andrea said...

Wowser. That's a hefty list. My list looks like this:

1) Don't kill my children.

That's pretty much it. Maybe I should think bigger. Hmm. Nope. I think that's pretty much it.

jwise said...

I'm sorry you're sick. I can't imagine a worse thing than missing your AWESOME ornament exchange!! :( Can't wait to see what you made. And I am overwhelmed at the adorableness of those pelmet boxes. That is totally what I need in my bedroom! Show yours when you've done them, k?

K said...

Funny. G's been sick a couple of times but (knocking on wood. Kicking wood. Eating wood) I never have. It's kind of a tragedy, really, in a shallow sense. But it you can pull something good out of the experience - like deciding to read the BOM or thinking about running farther than any human being should have to run just for fun - maybe it was a good thing after all.


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