Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Check Out My Mad Gun Skills

We went shooting on Saturday and I still got it. Okay, I've never hit the bullseye but I did hit the target 100%. So that's something.

I think it was because I had these guys cheering me on:

And this guy showing me how real men do it:


Kati said...

Adda GIRL!!! lol! That is awesome Megan! Congrats! Dan did awesome too-- wow! I am so impressed! It was fun to see you tonight!

K said...

So real men hold the target right over their stomachs? Hmmm. Possibly confirming the suspicions I often entertain about real men. I was a good shooter, too, the one time I shotted. That's close enough for me not to worry about you nailing any monsters that threaten your kids' sleep. Yee-haw!

jwise said...

Good for you!! I love all the cute pics, too. :)

chelsea said...

i am a friend of megan's (mikes meg) and i love your blog! how do you make the freezer paper stencils for the shirts i love them and want to make some for my friends who are having babies


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