Monday, January 4, 2010

You Know It's Gonna Be an Awesome Day When

Your infant son gives you a high five from his high chair and then you realize the little hand he extended to you is covered in diarrhea which has escaped his diaper and filled up the chair.

Yep, a pretty awesome day. Or mostly just really nasty.

The holidays are officially over.

I didn't think a picture of the poop would be appropriate, so here's just one of the poopetrator. I mean, perpetrator. Good thing he's cute.


K said...

You and yo' brilliant little head. LOL. Oh, Megs, sometimes I just read you to remind me of the decades I spent doing your job. Poop is not nostalgic, but somehow, I get this wonderful flush (no pun intended) of fondness on the one hand and total relief that I'm past it on the other. Gin said fasten your seatbelt and hold on tight. I say that too.

the fellers said...

oh no! that is so gross! I am sorry! hahaha....he is so cute though!

Ginna said...

oh ugh. So the way to start the day.

Katie Gee said...

Wow...I'm soooooooooo sorry.


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