Monday, January 4, 2010

How We Celebrated

I know it's January, but what's a mommy blog without a couple of pictures of what went down on 12/25? It's nothing. So here:

On Christmas morning I made the mistake (I did the same thing last year, too) of saying to Maggie, "Should we go downstairs and see if Santa came?" When I said it, I meant to see if he left you some presents, but Maggie took it to mean that the jolly old elf himself would be chilling on our couch. So, just like last year, we couldn't convince her to leave the bedroom.
We finally got her to come downstairs (clutching Dan the entire time).

The boys got a basketball hoop and IKEA train set. Maggie got a dollhouse (with some help from our friend Denae. Thanks, Nae) and a stick horse which she promptly named Jumanji. Dan got new clothes that he desperately needed and I got some new drinking glasses and 4 new workout DVDs to get me through this blistering cold winter.

Because Christmas is Dan's birthday, too. We of course had a birthday cake and birthday presents. He loves fruitcake so that's what I got him for a birthday cake. Funny thing is, though, his mother made him one as well. Dan insists that you can't have too much fruitcake. I think, though, that you definitely can.

It was a good holiday.


jwise said...

Very cool! What a fun day. My kids have always been a bit terrified of Santa. I'll never forget when my oldest was about 2 and his grandma asked him, "Is Santa Claus coming to your house?" And he had the most terrified look on it, like, "He knows where I LIVE?" After all, he'd just spent a good hour at the ward Christmas party trying to avoid that guy! LOL

K said...

She smiles and says, quietly, "I love fruitcake." She is hoping to avoid any predictable comments concerning any kind of resemblance between cake and speaker.

the fellers said...

Jumanji, I am still chuckling about that, Scoty got that same basketball hoop for Christmas a couple of years ago! He loves it!

Amanda D said...

Fruitcake? Really? What a good wife you are.

It looks like Christmas was merry. My daughter got the same house as your daughter. She likes it and she's 6 so your little one has a few good years of playing with it left. I picked it up at a yard sale.

Happy new year!

Denae said...

HOORAY! I am so glad that things went well for Christmas.

ps- my verification word is Proody, How wonderful is that?

Ginna said...

Hah, that's so funny that Mags didn't want to go downstairs. Max was dead set on waking up and sneaking out to surprise the big man. I talked him out of it.
And I forgot that christmas is Dan's b-day, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN!!
Do youguys do a un-birthday or something in June?

Katie Gee said...

I'm laughing about the fruitcake. Can you believe that I've never tried it? I don't know if I've avoided it accidentally maybe on a table spread or if I've just never come across it. hmmmm....

Anyway, Happy Birthday to Dan!! Even though I've only met him once, I hope he had a great day.

Thanks again for the giggle.

Emily said...

I love fruit cake too. Now I know I am in good company.


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