Friday, March 20, 2009

If it were to be My Birthday...

like in 4 days, for example, (but this is totally a "hypothetical") I would want some of these things:
  • an {orchid} (or other greenery as mentioned previously. I like the idea of some succulents.)
  • the {Rihanna haircut} (I'll pass on the Rihanna boyfriend even though I loved him {here.})
  • a mirror like this:
I know there's an old lady some place with one of these. She just doesn't know how bad I want it so I can spray paint the frame and make it super cheerful for my entryway. There's probably one of these in a thrift store "as is" department just waiting for me to find it.
  • a {vanilla squared cupcake} from Sweet Tooth Fairy
  • family pictures that will make us look as cool as we are (like {here} or {here} or {here})
  • to spend time with Dan sans kids. Love the kids, but also I'd love to miss them for a minute.


K said...

So - I don't have music on my site or anything, but you want me to follow you and Dan around with my camera when somebody else, hypothetically, takes the kids for a while? Ginna and I could do really cool pictures. We could do the hard light effect. Pffff. But I'd have to take about 10K to get three really cools ones. I can cut your heads off, too. I'm good at that.

eRiCa said...

How about for your birthday I do a little present (and by present I mean free duh!) for you....and do a little family mini sesh with you on my way through in May? Sound good?

Ginna said...

Well look at this, three offers for photo sessions already! But the bad news is that for mine you'd all have to come out here and visit. Maybe someday.
Maybe next time I visit that Dan guy should stay home from work and I can take pictures of all of you?!?

And I want a vanilla squared cupcake too, and not even for my birthday!

I need to send you a CD of those photos from my visit. I need to remember. I need to remember.

Rachel said...

Well, I for sure won't be offering to take your family photo's not because I wouldn't want to but because you wouldn't be happy with the results and that would be a crappy birthday present so Happy Birthday hypothetically and I hope all of your dreams come true and that old lady gives you that mirror.

jakeandlacey said...

Happy Birthday in 4 Days! I saw a mirror like that at DI in Provo yesterday! The one I saw might be a bit smaller than that one though. :)

EmmaP said...

love the list - oh and i left you a cupcake list on your previous post... :)


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