Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I Need Some Green

Until a few months ago fake plants didn't bother me (as long as they didn't totally look fake). So, I had a couple of little plants that I could put in our dark apartment and not have to worry about killing. But now they're kind of really buggin'.

I want something alive. We've got light. I have a ginormous window sill in my kitchen. I need some plants. Bad.

Here's what I want:

An orchid for my front room.

Candy jar
Basil (since I'm pretty much addicted to pesto)

And some other things that are kind of hardy so I won't kill them on accident.

What do you recommend?


Rachel said...

Go to an asian restaurant and kype their fake orchid plants they put on the center of the tables, get you a big pickle jar and turn it on its side pasting photo's of green lush plants all over it, and stock your cabinets with dried basil........

Ems said...

Yes on the basil...I've had success with mint too which is great in the summer or dried for tea in the winter.

Also, succulents. They are perfect for our desert weather and beautiful, beautiful. There are a couple of great booths at the downtown farmer's market with fantastic selection.

Marilyn said...

Basil is great outdoors in the heat, but I've never had success with it inside. It seems to need more light and heat than the moderate climate indoors can provide. And I think it really likes its space: you can't make pesto with it if all you have is one spindly little stalk (which is all that will grow in a little pot inside).

Orchids, on the other hand, thrive in low light, I think. I have a lovely one by my sink that seems to do fine with the indirect light there.

(I hope I'm wrong about the basil, and someone will tell us that they've grown great bushes of it inside, and then tell us HOW!)

Good luck with the greenery!

eRiCa said...

pesto pretty much taste likes butt-o :)

the fellers said...

oh I love pretty, and suits you well!

Andrea said...

What's your pesto recipo?


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