Thursday, March 19, 2009

The San Francisco Treat?
Yesterday I made some Rice-A-Roni as a side dish with dinner. However, it wasn't until it was done cooking that I realized I'd left out the seasonings packet. Pretty much the point of the dish.

Just rice. No Roni. Maybe Rice-Un-Roni?

Whatever. Maggie didn't seem to care.


K said...

Shoot. That's an ancient product. I remember the theme song from when I was a kid. But we never had it. My mom wasn't that kind of girl. Now - me?

Tia said...

Mmmm...I love Rice A Roni! I make it at our house often.

To answer your questions from my blog: Skirt & Pants - Gap, Argyle sweater - Target, White sweater - Bannana Republic. This weekend was their friends and family so I had a 30% off cupon at Gap and Banana! It was awsome!

Ashley said...

Yummm... you're making me want some Rice-a-Roni (only I think I'll have mine with the seasoning). Haha!

The Willeyes said...

If she ate was a good meal:) Love your new blog look. The new picture is darling. So great to see you last night:)

EmmaP said...

that is funny. at least she is too young to know. btw, i have been meaning to tell you about these cupcake blogs...

Cupcakes Take The Cake
Cupcake Artists
Blue Cupcake


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