Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm Lovin' It

Little brother (who we affectionately refer to as The Boy) recently acquired a job. Which considering he's been scouring the earth for a couple of months looking for one, is an awesome thing.

But you know what makes it even awesomer? He works for McDonalds
No, not the restaurant. He works for the franchise office. And the most awesome part of it is the jokes that are opened up with this new employment. It's the punsters dream (and I love me a good pun)!

Now we can ask him things like this:
  • Do they have onsite day care? Can you like toss your toddler in the ball pit and pick him up at the end of the day?
  • Did you pick up your McPayCheck?
  • Do you have to answer the phone by singing one of their abundant jingles? ("Ba-da-da-da-daaaaaaa" "Good Times, Great Taste")
  • What's the dress code? Do you have clown shoe Fridays?
  • Have they given you the secret to the special sauce?
What obnoxious question would you ask The Boy?


Denae said...

hahaha! I am glad that he is working. I don't think I am witty enough for any good Mcquestions.

Rachel said...

When you picked up your pay check did you ask em to "super size it"?

Ashley said...

Would you like fries with that?

Happy mealtimes instead of lunch breaks??

Has he met the hamburgler yet?

Are the office chairs benches where you sit next to Ronald like they have in Wal-Marts or wherever? That would be totally awesome.

EmmaP said...

ummm. ok this is sort of naughty. but once Julie & I were at the McD's drive-thru @ 2am (imagine that!) and i was the driver. she told me she wanted nuggest, but only if they were hot and fresh. So, without thinking (cuz like i said, it was 2am) I say into the speaker "Are your nuggets Hot & Fresh?" Julie busted out laughing, so naturally I busted out laughing. The guy taking the order stammers... "Uhh... yes?" then we busted up laughing again. So, depending on how old your bro is, i might just ask him if his nuggets were hot & fresh! bwahahahaha! ...

told you it was dirty.

ooh - but if he were acting stupid, i'd probably say, "Please... hold the cheese"

K said...

Yeah. Oddly, I thought about McNuggets, too. I didn't mean to. They just sprang into my head, and then I realized that . . . anyway, shame on you, Emma.

But Emma said nothing to him about sesame buns, now did she? I guess if he had a really bad day, you could say, "I guess you're really fried, huh?" Or wonder if he's baking in his success. I'm trying to think of one with "lightly breaded", but it would have to be something fishy -

By the way, you changed your columns around, eh? How long ago?


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