Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Will and Coleman's Aquabats Super Show Party

If you have never seen The Aquabats Super Show, run! don't walk! to your television and binge watch it on Netflix right now. Didja do it?

Your welcome.

Dan introduced our kids to the show last year and I would overhear it while I would do the laundry or dishes or other mom-ish type things and I would think "what is that ridiculous thing my kids are watching? is it killing their brains with its stupidity?"

Then one day I sat down and watched it with them and I laughed my tail off. If you see me walking around today you will not see my tail. Because it fell completely off from laughing at the ridiculousness and awesomeness of the Aquabats Super Show.

Our family quickly became obsessed with the show, and Coleman and Will decided on an Aquabats theme for their 5th birthday party. I made posters from the show to hang throughout the house with phrases from the show slightly changed to fit the party.

All of the food we served was given funny names we took from the show episodes. We served sliders but called them "tiny burgers" from episode 1. If you're familiar with the show you will understand the ectoplasmic residue and the good life donuts and the snakey snacks. We showed a few episodes of the show while we ate our lunch because our grandmas and aunts and uncles had no idea what the whole show was about. The aquabats gained many fans that day.

We decided that our family should go all out and wear aquabats costumes. I sewed the hats using fleece. I cut out the goggles from felt and made enough for all of the kids at the party. The t-shirts were made with a freezer paper stencil. 

One of my favorite things that I have ever crafted in my entire life and one of the things I am most proud of creating is this Floating Eye of Death pinata:

In each episode there is a villain that must be defeated and one of them is The Floating Eye of Death. I made the pinata with a big punch-ball balloon from the dollar store. I covered it with layers and layers of paper mache. I made the bumpy eye socket remains on the back of it with twisted strands of newspaper that I taped on to give it a good ridgy texture. Then I used pink crepe paper for the tentacles that hang down from it. I painted it and ta!da! its a Floating Eye of Death. 

Senor Urish from Dixon Middle School in Provo, Utah,  thank you for teaching me how to make a pinata in 8th grade Spanish class. Who knew it was such a fulfilling and enjoyable hobby? I guess you did.

Will is the most hilarious comedian. He loves to be silly. He's a great dancer. He's a very good and faithful friend. He brings me joy every day. Coleman is such an affectionate boy. He brightens every day for me with his hugs and kisses. He works hard and is a big helper. He expects a lot from himself and takes himself very seriously. These boys are best friends and the most adorable and sweet little team. They help each other. They cheer each other on. They are so lucky to have each other. And I'm so lucky to be their mom.

The Floating Eye of Death was defeated; and a super time was had by all.
Happy 5th birthday Will and Coleman. 


Sharlyn said...

Sooooo cool! you're an awesome mom! I love the costumes, so creative. I haven't been to your blog for some time, I've missed it, and you!

Emma Steuart said...

Now I'm gonna have to check out the show. Thanks! Cool party. You are so creative.

Jillums said...

I've never watched the show, but I know some of their songs by heart. I used to listen to those albums over and over again. Love the Aquabats!

jww said...

Never seen Aquabats, but this party is so much fun!!!


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