Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Family Reunion-age

Last summer we were so lucky to get to spend time together with our whole family. Courtney and Matt and their kids came and we went camping and swimming and playing. It was a dream.

Here are all of my mom and dad's grandkids. Such an adorable bunch.

And here's my sister with her famous "quick! put something on your head!" pose from childhood. Its a classic.

Her nieces and nephew learned from the best.

We went to Trafalga and rode my all time favorite ride that makes me scream and giggle every time: The Frog Hopper. Better than Prozac I tell you.

We want to adopt Sue. That little niece has us wrapped around her finger.

And we even got to see our Rasmussen cousins and wish cousin Whit well on her mission. Love that girl. Love all these girls. Best friends of mine for sure.

I totally get why the family is central to God's plan. Families are the best.

1 comment:

jww said...

Oh my goodness, this is so great!!! How fun!


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