Tuesday, July 1, 2014


This baby Freddie is the sweetest boy in the world. His name means "peaceful ruler." He has always been exactly that-- a peaceful presence in our home.

He's so calm and happy. He loves to smile and laugh. His siblings adore him.

Freddie was named after his great grandfather Fred Ivan Lambert. Grandpa Lambert was a handy guy--an appliance repairman. It looks like Fred not only lives up to the meaning of his name but also the inclinations of his namesake. Whenever Dan works on something, especially if tools are involved, Freddie is right there in the action.

Cutest handyman you'll ever see. His dad's a major hottie, too.


Jillums said...

Love that Freddie! I can't wait to see him (and the rest of you) when I visit later this summer (hopefully within the next month or so!)

jww said...

Aw!! He is so sweet & adorable.


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