Monday, April 1, 2013

Ode to Easter Monday

I really like weird holidays. Tiny little orange-bearded men who play tricks and hoard gold? yes. Celebrating skeletons, ghosts, and other dead and creepy things? sign me up. Eating an insane amount of food in recognition of my gratitude? definitely. Throwing buckets of water or dousing girls with perfume at the advent of Easter? why the heck not!?

Easter Monday is my kind of holiday. Hungarians visit their lady friends, recite poetry, and then spritz or douse or drench them in hopes that they will continue to grow and blossom like a flower. Romantic. Sweet. And maybe a little mean (if its done with a bucket). Then the girl repays the male visitor by giving him an Easter Egg dyed red. What great fun. 

In honor of Easter Monday, I've written a little verse:

This perfume sprayed upon your head,
Will be rewarded with an egg that's red.
The moisture spritzed with scented power,
Will make your beauty blossom as a flower.
And you, my dear, must always know,
Easter sprinkling makes the flowers grow.

If you can't come up with a cheesey poem of your own to read to your sweetie on a special holiday like today, you're welcome to borrow mine.

Happy Easter Monday!

1 comment:

jww said...

I love when you post about Easter Monday! I seriously look forward to it every year. Your poem rocked.


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