Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Kindergarten Immunizations Times Two

I can't believe its almost time for Will and Coleman to go to kindergarten! But before I could sign them up we had to head to the doctor's office for shots. Immunizing twins is no joke. Their appointments take forever and then by the time they are both weighed and measured they are pretty ready to just go home.
But there's the shots.

Normally, the first twin gets the shots and starts screaming and the second twin is in an absolute state of terror before the nurse even has their shots ready.

But at our new doctor's office in Price, this nurse was smart. She sent Coleman out in the hall to read stories with another nurse while Will got his shots. Then Cole came bounding in the room unaware of what he was in for. Brilliant.

To celebrate being kindergarten ready and surviving the shots, we stopped for ice cream.

The sad part came a few days later when Will got a big bump at the injection site and had to get antibiotics to combat an infection. He came through it great though and now we have 2 boys ready for school in the fall!


Amanda D said...

Wow! I can't believe they are that old already. Hooray for great nurses!

jww said...

I LOVE brilliant nurses. Or at least common-sense ones! That's awesome. And TOTALLY deserves ice cream, I'll tell ya that!


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