Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Our Little Writer

Once Maggie got a grasp of the alphabet she just started writing--letters, numbers, and soon words. As her writing develops I love reading it and seeing her grow. Here's a bit of her latest school work:

"I feel lucky when I get to see my grandma." 
(My mom was coming that day, I think Maggie was a little excited about it.)

This one made me laugh. "I have Learned to not posh My Bthr." I asked her if it said, "I have learned to not push my brother." She said, "Not push, PUNCH!"

So I guess pushing is still ok.

1 comment:

jww said...

LOVE THESE!!! So cute!!! Today I'm "pushing" one of my kids to write a paper on The Odyssey. Maggie's writing is much more cute and fun.


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