Monday, April 1, 2013

Helping Ourselves to a Helping of Helper

In our efforts to get to know our new digs, we've been exploring nearby towns. Helper and a pretty endearing and historic mainstreet with some cool antiques stores. We also stopped in at Marcia's Sammich Shop. It was too early for lunch so we shared a donut, a muffin, a german chocolate cake, and a pecan sticky bun. Quite yummy! And the people were friendly.

I'm looking forward to trying more new places and digging around some more at the antiques shop sometime. Its hard to enjoy yourself in a store with 4 year old twins running around touching things while you're telling them to please not do the things that they are doing.
That's my life.
And that's Helper.


jww said...

I love your little explorations!! How fun. Sammich. That is just dang funny. Looks like a nice little place, too! The food looked divine.

Rob and Marseille said...

i'm looking forward to this "series" seeing as we drive through there every so often on hwy 6/I-70.


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