Monday, March 18, 2013

Both of We is Workers Too

When Dan started his job January 7th we were still living in Lehi. He commuted for a couple of days before resigning to the fact that the commute was too horrible to be a real option for our family. We got him a hotel room in Price for a week while we tried to figure out what to do. 

Dan approached the builder of the home in Price we were going to buy and asked him if we could rent the house from him until we could buy it in February. In an answer to our prayers the builder said yes. We moved in. The only problem was that the basement was not yet finished. That was a problem for me because the basement constitutes have of the house; but it wasn't an issue for the boys because they loved waiting at the window every morning for the workers to come.

When the painters, electricians, plumbers, and contractors would come the boys would get those hats on and say, "Both of we is workers too!" I didn't want the boys to be in the way, so I told them not to bother the workers downstairs. "But Mom!" They said urgently, "We have to be downstairs, 'cause we is workers, too!

I've never seen such cute little workers in my life.


jww said...

Oh!! That is so cute. :)

K said...

If you DOES say you your own seff.

Children don't let you take a dang thing for granted.


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