Thursday, March 14, 2013

Green Eggs (but no Ham)

Our Americana chickens have started laying! Their eggs are green and so pretty! I love having chickens  and fresh eggs. I'm so grateful we were able to safely transport them here from Lehi, even though they had a breezy ride when the window of the coop blew in on I-15. Luckily my brother Joel who we charged with their transport was smart and able to MacGyver a window replacement with an old tarp and some nails.

We're getting 4 eggs a day now--brown eggs from Sweetie Pie and Goldie and green eggs from Betsy Ross and Dolly Madison (though Cole and Will insist the Americana girls are both named Arthur). 


jww said...

Hey, that's cool. I'd wondered if you kept your chickens. (Joel would be the perfect MacGyver in charge of transport!) Cool! :)

K said...

I've also heard them called Amarcuna - interesting. I LOVE those eggs - blue and green. And then the brown. Wish I wanted to have chickens. Horses - well - you can gather what they lay, but it won't make breakfast.


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