Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Notebook Valentines

Maggie loves her new kindergarten class and told me excitedly the week of Valentine's Day, "I can't believe I've only been in Price a month and I already get to have a Valentines Day!"

Lucky kid, right?

To celebrate we made notebook valentines for all of her friends. Maggie is our little writer and there is probably nothing she likes more than a new notebook. I guess it was fitting that's what she chose to give her classmates. 

I also liked that it wasn't candy, because she came home from school that day with enough candy to give Wilford Brimley and the whole town diabeetus. 

All in the name of love.


jww said...

First, I'm so happy to hear that she loves kindergarten. Taking the dive into full-day can be scary, but it sounds like she is in love. Awesome. The valentines are SO CUUUUUUTE!!

Belinda is like that, too. When she was Maggie's age and people would ask what to get her for her birthday, I would say "office supplies." A notebook, markers, pens, a stapler. The girl was in heaven.

I think it's awesome that Maggie loves to write. Probably because I do, too. ...take a look at the length of my comment! :)

K said...

Love the idea - little favors instead of cheap candy. It's what I've tried to do at Halloween, but lately - I've sold out. Sad. I loved the frog.


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