Tuesday, March 12, 2013

St. Matthew's Ascension Church Pancake Fundraiser

We have a church in our neighborhood. Its not our church (our Mormon church is downtown), but we thought we'd pay a visit and get to know our Episcopalian neighbors. They were having an all you can eat pancake fundraiser which we thought was the perfect opportunity for some interfaith mingling. It was also the perfect opportunity to eat all the pancakes we could eat. We like opportunities like that.

We sat by the sweetest grandma from Orangeville who made sure we had everything we could ever need: syrup, jam, milk, dr. pepper, pancakes, bacon, oranges, more pancakes, more bacon, more oranges, and coffee. We didn't need the coffee.

We were really impressed with how friendly, kind, and helpful everyone was. The College of Eastern Utah basketball team was there to volunteer as servers. The kids were enthralled by their height and also by the fact that they could ask the big guys to bring them soda. These kids love soda.

Dan's favorite part was discovering that the CEU basketball coach and one of the players are from Brazil. They "falar"-ed Portuguese for awhile, then we received a hot tip about the Fresh Market selling Guarana for cheap. That was a welcome revelation. 

Thanks, St. Matthew's. It was a righteous time.

1 comment:

jww said...

How fun. I seriously love that they served Dr. Pepper with breakfast. That's hilarious.


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