Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Obsession

I don't know if this fits in the hobby category, but we have a new family obsession: The Aquabats Super Show.   

The aquabats are a band from the 90s that Dan was pretty obsessed with back in the day and now they have their own television show that is weird and campy and hilarious. Dan and the kids started watching it on netflicks a few months ago and when I'd catch glimpses of it and overhear it from the other room I thought it was the dumbest show on television. Then I watched an episode and got hooked. It still might be the dumbest show on television but its dumb in the most fantastic of ways.

We've decided that we want to be the Aquabats for Halloween (this is a big deal for us because we have never had "family" costumes that all relate to each other, so I guess we can be a real Mormon family now if we can make this happen). We've already begun researching costume tutorials and tracking down wardrobe sources. The only problem is that both Dan and Will want to be Crash McLarson and both Coleman and I want to be The M.C. Bat Commander. This means that most likely Dan will end up as Jimmy the Robot and I'll be Ricky Fitness, which is great, but I just don't think I run fast enough to do Ricky justice and Dan looks like he could be the real Crash McLarson. But one must sacrifice for their children. Regardless of who ends up being who, you can bet this obsession is bringing us much joy and happiness and a whole lot of zaniness.

Who couldn't use a bit more zaniness in their life?


jww said...

Never even heard of it, but Netflix rocks. I can't wait to see your family Halloween costume. This is hilarious!!!

K said...

I think Chaz' life is all Zaniness. Oh, well, maybe someday she can take a walk on the normal side. But then, don't I remember YOU as a child?


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