Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Adventures in Price: Highway 6 to I-70

Dan took us on a field trip the other day to show us some of his UDOT district. We drove along the highway and stopped at every rest stop and view point.

It was a beautiful drive, and fun to learn about the history and unique features of our new area.

Maggie had fun picking out words she could read on the signs.

Will realized he can't read.

We went through several cans of Pringles, a couple of bottles of gatorade, and numerous rounds of "The Wheels on the Bus." When we got back to Wellington we stopped for burritos at Jilberto's. It was delicious!

Our first adventure day was a success!


jww said...

Awesome!!!! Little adventures like that are the BEST. Pringles and licorice are my go-to snacks for these kinds of things. Nice call. :)

And the burritos sound great, too. That's one thing we miss here--not a lot of Mexican restaurants in upstate NY. Boo. :(

K said...

I was really excited by that bit - Will realizing he couldn't read. That is possibly the most important moment in this period of life - like discovering your hands when you're a baby. NOW he knows what he DOESN'T know. And he will not be satisfied till he can do it. I actually REMEMBER that moment -


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