Tuesday, February 19, 2013


We were invited to Sunday dinner by some new friends here in Price and had a really great time. But while chatting and getting to know each other they asked us about our hobbies. They liked four wheeling and riding dirt bikes, hiking, camping, building furniture, etc.

All we could think of was that we like to hang out. And I really like t.v. but I didn't say that because an earlier comment I made about The Simpsons didn't go over well.

Man, we need some hobbies.And now that we live in Price I think we need some off-roading vehicles of some type.

What are your hobbies? wanna teach us?


Andrea said...

That was funny.

Also, do not encourage hobbies. They are a resource drain. I get annoyed with my hubby and his hobby is board games that I like to play!! Still . . . way too much time and money invested. Just like every hobby. At least I can eat my hobby and a new recipe usually doesn't cost too much.

jww said...

We are pretty low-key about hobbies, too. I actually agree with the last comment--hobbies can be time-suckers and financially draining. My hobbies are Heritage Makers (scrapbooking), ASL interpreting, and cooking/baking. So I guess I like hobbies that double as practical stuff. That, and watching TV.

You throw REALLY COOL parties. I would call that a great hobby.

Angela said...

I like the hobby question about as much as I like the talent question. I don't know the answers to those - I just like to do stuff!

Beth said...

I've had a similar experience when someone asked me what my hobbies are. I couldn't think of anything I'd done of my own free will and intention that was for fun, other than be a mom. It was kind of embarrassing and depressing at the same time. Especially when you have a newborn, 23.5 hours of your day are taken up by your kids. So, even if you USED to do fun stuff, it doesn't feel like a current hobby. You're sunk, but I'll still be your friend.

Kris said...

My visiting teacher asked me today what my hobbies were. I said cooking, collecting cookbooks, and running. Then she said what else. I said I really like good tv shows. It made me feel sort of stupid but then I thought. I get up at 6ish everyday and try to keep everything going all day long. By the time everyone is in their rooms for the night by 8 - I'm tired. I used to do stuff but now I'm happy with a few laughs and going to sleep.

Cherringtons said...

thats how we ended up with our 4 wheelers, was because friends had them and then we decided that was what we wanted to do. However we bought the first one while i was pregnant with #1 and the 2nd while i was Pregnant with #2. yes that worked for awhile but now we have 4 kids and two four wheelers and we do not go out as much as we thought we would cause we cant take everyone. If you are really considering it i would look into a side by side like a rhino or artic cat but make sure it has a backseat you can actually buckle front facing carseats in it and its great. Im trying to talk brian into selling my four wheeler to buy me and the kids a side by side and brian can keep his toy and do whatever it is brian does:) But the best thing about your hobbies is that you guys do it as a family and thats what matters. you guys do awesome stuff and i still think to myself sometimes gosh i wish we would do half the stuff Dan an Megan do :) but if you do however get a new little toy we will come ride with you too!!

Paisley Skye Designs said...

Yes, get 4-wheelers! Matt and I go 4-wheeling and dirt biking all the time and love it. We also love waterskiing. Boats can be expensive so we bought an older and much more affordable boat(a 77 Ski Natique). We bought it from Matt's uncle who is a professional water skiier and took very good care of it. I realize these hobbies are much more expensive, but if you buy some older bikes, 4-wheelers or a boat, it can be realistically affordable. If anything you could always get your boys a little Honda 70 that they could ride around. I promised they would LOVE IT!


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