Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Word for 2013

Happy New Year, All! Its that time again when I like to {select a single word} to summarize my goals for the year. This year's word can be attributed to my dear old dad.

I'll never forget reading a letter from my father on a train in Hungary. I had just arrived in the country as a new missionary. I was terrified of the difficult language and the food that I knew nothing about. I was thrilled and excited, of course, but there was definitely a lot of fear involved. Then I read a letter from the old man that said to "embrace the differences" and "enjoy the newness." He told me about an American he'd known when he lived in Mexico who complained about all of the things that weren't American about Mexico. She wanted the food, music, and culture of America...in Mexico. "What a missed opportunity!" Dad said. "You can have America all the rest of your life. But that was her chance to have Mexico. She missed it. This is your chance to have Hungary. Don't miss it. " I took that on as a challenge of sorts and tasted and saw and enjoyed and noticed all that I could about Hungary. I didn't want to miss the differences. It's those differences that I miss and cherish.

Now I find myself in a new place. A small town (only I've been informed that its really a "city" since we have a Walmart!) only an hour or so away from "home" but very different and unknown. I'm feeling a lot of fear and worry, however, there is also a sense of excitement and challenge to embrace the differences.

And so, my word is:
I'm going to make it my adventure to taste, and see, and smell, and learn and make this place my home. 

What's your word?


Jillums said...

What a great word for starting in a new city. There is so much to discover. I'm still trying to figure out this place that is Canada, but it it's just so darn cold. :-)

K said...

Wise daddy. I once knew a family that had lived in Germany for five years - and the mother, in all that time, refused to learn a word of German (???????????) Sad.

Sad, too, that you've moved. But happy for your opportunity. May you make friends (who would not love you???), and enjoy the more open spaces.

I'd forgotten about my word for the year till just a few days ago. I haven't chosen one, which I fear is only symptomatic of something. The only thing I can come up with is "droop" which won't do at all. I like yours better.

jww said...

Oh, I totally love it. I love your word and your dad's advice. I love your dad, too, let's be honest. And I'm happy that you at least have a Walmart. I love your word for the year, and I think mine is going to be BETTER. I've lived here for 3 years now, and I've spent a lot of time adjusting. Wanting America in Mexico, so to speak. What I want this year is for everything to be BETTER--my attitude, my house, my happiness, and all that stuff. BETTER. Kinda like ADVENTURE.

Ginna said...

I haven't even had a chance to come up with one, though I've thought about it. Now I'm I inspired to do it! And what a great word. I love the letter from your dad. What fabulous advice. I hope all is going well for you in the new place. You're a darling.


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