Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Hinckley baby number 4 made a safe arrival on December 5th. This pregnancy had seemed longer and harder than any of my others and I suppose it seemed that way because it was. It was 4 weeks longer than my pregnancy with the twins and it was harder because I had 3 busy kids I was chasing around!

As the time ticked down to delivery I was afraid that I wouldn't know that I was in labor. I know that sounds stupid, but when I had Maggie my water broke and leaked slowly all day while I taught kindergarten and I didn't know if I was just peeing my pants every time I bent over to help a student or if my water really had broken! Turns out that by the end of the day I figured out something was up, but I didn't feel any contractions until about the time that I got an epidural. When I had the twins I fell down the stairs and must have put myself into labor, but I didn't know it until I went to my doctor's appointment and they informed me that I was in labor. I soon got an epidural and the rest was history. So, my labor detective skills pretty much sucked.  But with an epidural, I think delivering a baby is the most calm and amazing experience. I truly love giving birth.

On the morning of December 5th I woke up feeling sick. I thought I was having gas pains. After trying to go to the bathroom unsuccessfully and then getting in the shower, I realized that these "gas pains" were coming along about 3 minutes apart. Then I got scared! I couldn't believe that after 9 months of waiting I still didn't feel ready to mother another child. I called Dan and my mom and told them in a panic that I was in labor! My mom came to watch the kids and Dan came to take me to the hospital.  I was dialated to a six, so they admitted me, gave me my blessed epidural, and baby Freddie came along later that afternoon.

When I saw my sweet boy with his head full of dark hair I wept. He was so beautiful. He looked just like Maggie did when she was born (though her hair was blonde not dark like Freddie's). He nursed eagerly right after birth and I loved cuddling him and stroking his plump little cheeks. All the fear I felt about having another baby to nurture and care for while trying to sell our house and pack up and move immediately melted away. All I cared about was my beautiful baby fresh from heaven. Heaven was in that delivery room.

My mom soon brought Maggie, Will, and Coleman to meet their new brother. They were nervous to see and hold him and they didn't like seeing me with an IV in my arm, but they were in love with their new sibling.

We named him Fred Jonas Hinckley. We chose Fred because of Dan's grandfather Fred Ivan Lambert who was a good man known for his sense of humor, handiness with fixing things, and great love for his family. Jonas Eliason Lindberg was one of my first ancestors to join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. After going on a pioneer trek with Dan last summer I began researching my own ancestors who had joined the church and traveled to Utah to be with the Saints. I was touched by the account I found of the life of Jonas Lindberg. He was a faithful and good man, a powerful missionary, and a loving father. I especially loved that all of his children were present at his death and he gave each of them a father's blessing and urged them to work at the temple. 

We love our Freddie Jonas. He is such a sweet and peaceful addition to our family.


Vhari said...

Freddie is an absolutely beautiful baby. I think he is so cute. Every picture I see he is so sweet. And of course you look lovely. How do you do it? How do you look so good minutes after giving birth? Miss you lots Megs. I'm sorry we didn't make it to the blessing. Thanks for the invite. I hope moving is going ok. Text me or call me sometime.

Pam Williams said...

We have friends in Wellington--now we have two stops when we visit Carbon County.

Beth said...

Thanks for posting your birth story, Megs. It was beautiful! Love you!!!

jww said...

Oh, I love the history of his name!! I, too, love the history of Jonas Eliason Lindberg. I've read it, too, and thought the same thing. This is a beautiful post!!!! What a beautiful experience. Welcome, Freddie!!

Jillums said...

I love my little Freddie, even if I haven't met him yet.

K said...

I was always afraid I wouldn't know - and most of the time, I didn't. But that's good, I think. And how did I miss the fact that this happened? How could I have not known? Congratulations. That child couldn't be luckier in parents.

Amanda D said...

Aw, congrats! He is so perfect. Enjoy the baby hood!

Ginna said...

I'm so so happy for you guys. He is a precious angel. And what a legacy he has with that darling name. Way to go Megs.


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