Wednesday, January 30, 2013


At Maggie's literacy night at her new school she was given a sucker. She sucked on it for awhile, then asked me to hold it for her. After holding it for nearly a half hour, I bit the dang thing off the stick just to be rid of it.

When we got home, I was served with an angry note and was filled with an odd mixture of pride in my kid's writing and annoyance with her attitude.

But I guess parenting is often a mix of pride and annoyance. So, no big deal.


K said...

Hey - in French, sugar is soucre - so MAGGIE'S SPIRIT IS FRENCH. You can also tell by the attitude.

jww said...

I love this. That is so stinkin' funny. You can quote her a now-famous quote from our family. When I was in college, my mom came to visit and bought me some Milk Duds. I went to find them later and found out she'd eaten them. Her explanation was, "The mother giveth, and the mother taketh away." Okay, not totally applicable here, but you might want to stash it away for later.


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