Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Chick in the Coop

For the past week this little lady has set up camp in our back yard. She's quite pretty and well mannered and hasn't shown any obnoxious tendencies as of yet. We're pretty sure she's lost and that she actually belongs to someone and is used to deliver top secret messages from spies because she seems legit. She has a little bracelet around her ankle and everything. I think she picked our backyard to live in because of the chickens--she fancies herself one of them.

Or maybe she's hanging out here because she's on a spy mission herself. I better watch my back.


jww said...

Oh, yes, I vote deliverer of secret messages too. Definitely. She is pretty!

K said...

She really is lovely. And I think you're right about the messages - she has a discrete look about her.


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