Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bird Nerding it Up

Thanks to my dad, many of the members of my family are wannabe ornithologists. Dad picked it up about 20 years ago and has enjoyed taking us bird watching ever since.  My nephew Lincoln is probably the smartest bird watcher we got, but all of us like to identify and view nature's feathered friends. So, this summer I was pretty pumped when I found out that we could go to the Tracey Aviary for free with our "Pass of all Passes". I talked the folks into going with us and despite the fact that it was a million degrees outside, we enjoyed ourselves immensely.

My favorite avian species we saw was the Ground Hornbill:

They had these out of control huge eyes and eyelashes. So beautiful. We didn't take many pictures of the birds since they kind of have a tendency to move around fast and I have a tendency to not, but I did snap these:

We had the best time and then my parents took us to lunch in an air conditioned restaurant and it was awesome. 


Andee said...

Love the aviary! It's such a fun place! And the pictures are priceless!

K said...

Hmm. I think I always knew that about your dad, too -

jww said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos!!! I agree-that bird is STUNNING.


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