Saturday, May 19, 2012


1. My husband is awesome. Last weekend he surprised me with a get away to stay at a hotel in Salt Lake and shopping at the new City Creek Mall for our anniversary. His mom babysat the kids for us and since there's a Frontrunner train station not far from her house we decided it would be super fun to ride public transportation the whole time. I don't think I have ridden a train or bus since my mission (besides a school bus on a zoo field trip for Kindergarten). It was way fun to stay at a swanky hotel, walk around the city, and do whatever we wanted without any whining or crying.  Dan showed off and downed a 6 pound burrito in 14 minutes at dinner, earning free fried ice cream which I enjoyed. And I enjoyed putting my feet up in our super comfy King sized bed watching Drive-ins, Diners, and Dives on cable which we don't have in our real life. We didn't think we'd ever want to eat again after the 6 pound burrito incident, but in the morning we woke up pretty famished. FYI, Hagermann's serves some seriously delicious breakfast.

2. I remember at a family party when we announced that we were pregnant when Maggie was just over a year old, that Maggie then suddenly seemed to be on a mission to be the craziest, most disobedient, wild child the world has ever known and I just started crying thinking "What have we done getting pregnant? We don't need more of this...." And that was before we even found out it was twins. Well, this week has been kind of like that. I feel like all 3 of my children have been on missions to destroy the house and my sanity. And I just keep crying and saying to myself "What have we done getting pregnant? We don't need more of this..." But I think we do need more of the craziness because I don't know how many families there are on the earth that are willing to live in this level of chaos and God needs to get a lot of kids down here before the world ends (that is from the Book of Megan, chapter 5, verse 12).  I'm excited to welcome another baby into our home. Here's hoping its a baby and not several  babies.

3. We've been working super hard on our yard today. I mowed the front lawn while Dan built a new chicken run for our chicken coop (we're done letting the chickens run around the entire back yard pooping everywhere they please, because they please to poop everywhere and then we have to step in it). Then I spread mulch in all of our flower beds while Dan tilled the garden and built a new gate for the chicken run. Then we shopped for plants and had to go to 3 stores before we found all the veggie plants we wanted for the garden. Then I had to put the twins in the bathtub because Will pooped his pants and Coleman peed (they've been potty trained for nearly a year--what gives guys?), then I had to put Maggie's bed back together because I washed her sheets, then I cleaned the fridge because something smelled funky in our kitchen and it has made me throw up just walking in there. Good news: I didn't gag. Bad news: I didn't eradicate the stench... its lurking somewhere else.  Then suddenly I felt exhausted so i put myself to bed. Poor Dan is still outside in the dark planting the garden. Which brings us to tid-bit 4 which is the same as how tid-bit 1 starts.

4. My husband is awesome.


Andrea said...

I'm impressed with you. I thought I could handle the craziness and then number 5 came along and called for a time-out. Literally. Yesterday at the store I met someone who had just had triplets and my pulse became erratic just thinking about it.

You rock.

Andee said...

Your BOTH awesome! Hang in there! There's always stretches of time when you think your living in complete chaos... sometimes for completely too long! But in the end you always see the fruits of your labors! All is worth it!

jww said...

You are A.MA.ZING. Mowing the lawn while pregnant!! My big accomplishment while pregnant was staying alive. Sorry the kids were crazy, but see #1 and #4. An awesome husband helps A LOT. :)


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