Wednesday, July 13, 2011


We ate salad for dinner tonight, and since Maggie is opposed to eating anything green, or as she terms it "yucky," I knew this would be a problem. I was preparing for her to throw a fit which would then result in time out, an apology and then suggesting a bowl of cereal, when she blew me away.

"What is that stuff?" she asked.

"It's lettuce, Mags," I said.

"Is it spicy?" she asked.

"Spicy? No. It's yummy." I said, "It tastes like broccoli." Since broccoli is the only veggie she likes at the moment.

Maggie then tasted a leaf, nodded to herself, and proceeded to make the-largest-salad-ever-consumed-by-a-4-year-old on her plate.

Then she ate it all. True story. And I am a proud mother.


Pam Williams said...

I'm with Maggie. Despite the fact that I'm an adult and I know that green vegetables are "good" for me, I am rarely in the mood for a salad. Actually, I used to like it, but my taste buds have changed and now it does not excite my tongue. No matter how you slice and dice it or drown it in ranch dressing, eating tasteless green stuff is pointless. My dad used to call it rabbit food. ("Oh look--fresh vegetables. My colon won't know what to do." -- Sherman T. Potter)

jww said...

AWESOME!!!! My kids like salad, and I always feel SO PROUD. :)

Bebe McGooch said...

Hey, she's just like my husband. The first time I put sliced dried dates in our salad, he asked, "What's this?"


He gave me a look of disgust and said, "I'm not eating this."

Then, pretty much two weeks later, I made the same salad, and again he asked me what the dates were. This time I said, "Dried fruit."

He shrugged and ate all of it.

The third time he asked me what they were, oh my, I just couldn't keep a straight face.

Kati said...

Two thumbs up!!! Way to go Maggie!
Me gusta Rio! Very interesting!

K said...

kids are SO weird.


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