Friday, July 15, 2011

Telluride, CO

Just 25 miles from Rico is the gorgeous town of Telluride. If you're looking to move there, Jerry Seinfield is selling his place for a mere $18.3 million. But on to the matters at hand.

Telluride is beautiful, its really a lot like Park City (historically and presently) but its a bit more expensive. We pulled into town, parked our car, and were greeted by this graffiti:

Awesome. We realized just how liberal Telluride was, when we were invited to tour a Medical Marijuana operation. The owner who had a college degree in Cannabis, and seemed pretty baked, proudly showed us his 3-4 growing rooms, the medical smoking room with rock posters all over the walls, and told us how because he has developed special LED lights to grow Marijuana, he has the most economical system in the world. So his weed plant is totally good for the environment.

"These are my mother plants" he said. He keeps these kind of in a stagnant state
and gets starts off of them to make into weed. Or something like that. I don't really remember--I don't have a Cannabis degree.
These are just some of the pipes on display for purchase. I just like the pretty colors.
I was laughing during the whole tour, but I don't think he noticed how ridiculous I thought the whole thing was. Later we found out Telluride has 6 such "medical marijuana" dispensaries. That seems like a lot for a population of 2,200. Just saying...

 Next, we rode the gondola ski lift over the mountain.

Our geologist, Scott, isn't so comfortable with heights.  We tried to tune out his whimpering.
The twins were showing me how old they are. Nice try fellas.
The views were beautiful--the gondola takes you from the town of Telluride to the ski resort side called Mountain Village and then back. When we returned I was excited to see this:

A lady with a doughnut making cart. It was like a portable Krispy Kreme set-up. And oh man they were delicious. She said that her umbrella that she'd just bought for the cart got busted in the wind. We gave her a dollar tip and told her it could go in the new umbrella fund and then she dissed us saying, "Yeah, like I can buy an umbrella for a dollar." Duh that's why I said it could go in the fund. I don't have an extra $18.3 million, lady. But at least her sour attitude didn't affect the sweetness of the doughnuts in any way.

In Telluride it must be a requirement to have a really cool bike parked outside the door of your business:

Another quirky thing about Telluride is that they have a thing called the Free Box. People can put stuff they don't want anymore on the shelves of the free box and other people can come and look it over and take whatever they want. Maggie took a Snow White book and Will found a digger toy. 2 free souvenirs. Can't beat that.

Then I ate this absolutely dreamy chocolate cupcake:

I think I said "Oh my heck!" between each bite. The texture of it was so moist and dense and the icing was divine. It was a perfect cupcake.

Oh and also Butch Cassidy robbed some banks in town back in the day. So that's cool.

Telluride, I love you.  I'll be back--have the doughnuts and cupcakes ready.


Beth said...


That just seems like the right thing to say to comment on this post about medical marijuana, high salesman and bank robberies.


jww said...

(LOL @ Beth)

What a SWEET trip!! The marijuana thing is so making me laugh. But I don't have a "degree" in Cannabis, either. Looks like an awesome trip. The Free Box is pretty cool, too. I think I might take some toys in the car on the ride over, then just leave them at the free box and let my kids pick new ones for the ride home. Nice! Oh, and I'm happy you found a divine cupcake, too. YAY!


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