Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Que Rico

We went back to Rico, Colorado for vacation this year. We did something we've never done before on our Rico adventures, however: we took a geologist with us.

Scott is a friend of Dan's from work and he is hilarious. Dude is obsessed with rocks. And minerals. And mines. And Dr. Pepper. He blogs about it all here. He had us all laughing so hard we figure we might take him on all our vacations from now on just for entertainment. 

While in Rico we did a lot of walking around with our eyes focused on the ground, looking for cool rocks. I found an old assay cup (a crucible used to melt ore or something like that), some quartz crystals, and a whole lot of pyrite. The geologist was impressed with my findings. I also did a lot of deep breathing since the air there smells like Christmas trees on steroids. The trees aren't on steriods, they just smell like it. Best smelling air I've ever smelled.

The kids had fun climbing on stuff, playing trucks and other toys with their cousins, and eating their fill of treats. 2 of our 3 kids rode in my in-law's car, so that made travel tantrums a limited occurrence for me (probably not so much for my mother in law, sorry Vicki).  

I absolutely adore this quirky little town with its interesting history and funky people. It's like heaven for hippies. Dan got cussed out by a neighbor for using bug spray around the perimeter of our house. Hippies don't like that kind of behavior. Dan doesn't like cussing hippies, but luckily he was able to flash the lady a peace sign and walk away, trailing bug poison behind him.

While we were in town, another local made his own fireworks and was driving up to the ridge to shoot them off when he happened to blow up his own hand. He drove his truck full of explosives back down the mountain and pulled into the gas station to ask for help. Well, when they learned what they were dealing with they ended up sending in the firemen, the police departments from several towns, and eventually the Farmington New Mexico Bomb Squad arrived to empty the truck. They closed down the highway running through town for about 8 hours.

I love traveling and one of the things that I love to do when I travel is imagine myself living there and choosing a career and a house for myself.  Well, I think I'd have to choose being the Rico Elementary School teacher and then I'd tackle this weed bed behind the school and turn it into a flower bed as I think it was intended.

I love hearing stories from my father in law who grew up spending summers in Rico. He said that he and his brothers used to play in these old mining mills and throw firecrackers at each other. Firecrackers. Wha? Luckily they all survived and nobody lost a hand like that dude at the gas station.

It was the twins' birthday while we were there so we made a cake. Maggie was pretty miffed that I didn't think to bring sprinkles, so Grandma let her decorate with fruit snacks. It tasted really good, though--high fructose corn syrup usually does. 

The boys were so excited to blow out the candles they couldn't wait for us to finish singing.

Happy Rico Birthday to you, Willy and Coleman.


One said...

So cute! Where is this charming little corner of the greatest state in the nation? I've never heard of it. Which is probably a big part of what makes it charming, right? Also, love the new look of your blog! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU SOON!!!

jww said...

What a fun post! I like cool rocks, too, so I might have fit right in staring at the ground with you all. The dude blowing off his hand (with ensuing road closure & etc.) is quite the story!! What a fun little place. BTW, I LOVE places that smell like Christmas trees on steroids! The PacNW is like that. AH! I really love Maggie's cake w/fruit snacks. That is one sweet cake.

Dan and Emalee said...

That looked like some fun!


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