Monday, May 9, 2011

Don't Show Up to an Easter Egg Hunt Late

We would have arrived on time to Aunt Linda's Easter egg hunt extravaganza, but we had temporary brain lapses and passed her house 3 times before we recognized where she lives. And by the time we pulled in, well, every last egg had been collected.

Maggie was crushed. Or else she thought she saw a kitty. She hates kitties which makes the irony of her favorite shirt so hysterical.

Luckily, though, our kids have awesome cousins who sprung into action and tossed handfuls of eggs onto the lawn for our kids to scurry about and gather! Hurray for cousins saving the day!


LL said...

so sweet!

jww said...

Yes, definitely. Don't show up late to an easter egg hunt! But hooray for cousins!! How sweet is that. (Seriously loving Maggie's shirt, too, only because she hates cats. That is the BEST. ...And I kinda hate cats myself.)

Sharlyn said...

lol! love the shirt irony :)

K said...

Moi? I only like private in my yard hunts. Only ones that haven't been a disappointment and disaster. Even if we start late. But hurray for good cousins!


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