Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hungarian Easter Tradition

Locsolkodas, the Hungarian "Easter Monday" tradition where boys go out and sprinkle the girls they like with perfume or water to make them pretty, is one of my favorite holiday traditions. I blogged about past Húsvét Hétfö celebrations {here} and {here}.

This year, after my mom's annual egg hunt I coaxed everyone into writing poems as it is customary to share a verse with the ladies asking for permission to sprinkle them.

Here are our best efforts:

Even lillies--
And their daughters--
Get their good looks
From sprinkled waters.

And so, I'd like
To do my duty
And give you a spritz
For continued beauty.
--by Me

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Susan is cute.
Her nickname is Sue.

--by Lincoln, age 9

Cuter than you, no one can get,
But that won't keep you from getting wet.

You're just as cute as a babe with a binky.
But that won't keep you from getting stinky.

-- by Dad (who thinks that the abundance of perfume sprays required in the celebration don't add up to a good scent)

Susan is cute.
She has her own boot.
She likes kitty.
She is pretty.

--by Asher, age 7

How do I love you?
I'll just let you know
by sprinkling you lightly form your head to your toe
And if by some chance it should get in your eye and cause you to have a boil or a sty--
I'm sorry!
And if by some chance it should go up your nose
Just throw back your head and give out some crows. Caw! Caw!
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry!
Honest and true,
I love you!

--by Mom

An Easter Tribute:

Meridee hosted
The women's beauty boasted.
The hotdogs were roasted
The peeps were toasted
And the festivities to be blog posted.

-- by Beth (who knows me so well)

And for those keeping score, 1 year old Susan is the fairest of us all. She got the most sprays.


jww said...

I LOOOOOVE this tradition!! I love reading about it every year, and these poems are so great!! AH! Cute Susan the winner, no surprise there. :)

Andee said...

What a totally fun thing to do! Your family are such fun and creative people!

Cheeseboy said...

That is an awesome tradition. I really should look up some of my family's Jewish Easter traditions.


One said...

Love this! Love the blog! And I kinda love you, too! Xxoo, Kimber

K said...

I THOUGHT I smelled something -


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