Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Accidental Mom-cation

I signed up for a 1 day Mac Computer class to earn points to renew my teaching license. I was pretty excited about it. I reserved my mom to babysit for the day. I went over the U of U campus map with my husband so I would be able to find the classroom. I got dressed in corduroy pants and even wore socks (what a departure from my normal mom capris and flip-flops). I gave myself an hour to navigate traffic and I pulled up just in time. But when I entered the building to get my parking pass they informed me that they didn't have any more classes until June.

"June?" I asked. "I'm supposed to have a class today."

"Let's see," the secretary said. "Oh yes, that says May 11th."

"Yeah?" I asked with a "duh" tone in my voice.

And she kindly said, "That was last week."

"Oh, sure was." I said sheepishly as I backed out the door.

What an idiot I was. So I called my mom to confess to her that I totally messed up and my class had been last week. Being the sweetheart that she is, she said, "Well, I'm here! Go do something fun!" So I went to Les Madeleines in downtown Salt Lake and bought one of their amazing Kouing Aman. I can't even begin to describe how delicious they are. If you could take all the joy and happiness in the world and bake it into a pastry, that would be Kouing Aman. The cute stores downtown didn't open until 11, so I went to D.I. and it was my lucky day! I walked out with 2 dresses, 6 canning jars, a salad bowl, an enormous bulletin board and a Barbie bike.

It was so refreshing to not have anybody climbing on me or whining or begging or otherwise creating a scene while I shopped. I have the best mom. I had the best mom-cation. It was so relaxing I'm thinking maybe I'll sign up for a class I can miss again.


Emily Kate said...

Sounds like something I would do! I'm jealous you got to try the Kouing Aman at Les Madeleines. I went when I was in town a few months ago and they were out of them. Boo.

jww said...

Sorry about the missed class, but YAYEEEEEE!

K said...

I loved your last line =

Sharlyn said...

thumbs up!!

Dan said...

I think they just told you the class was last week cause the truth is that the whole dang school shuts down when a hottie like you is on campus.


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