Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Preschool Help

I've decided to start my own preschool. I am at once excited and terrified by the idea. But I've prayed about it and I feel like it would be great for our family, for our stage of life, and to make some extra money since the cost of living keeps going up and Dan's paycheck keeps not going up. And Maggie's begging for "ballerina" lessons.

I'm gathering curriculum, supplies, and ideas. I have the degree and the know-how. Now I'm just looking for the right name so I can get my business license and get going.

If you wouldn't mind, please help me out by voting for your favorite name in my poll on the sidebar, and/or leaving an idea in the comments below (when I asked my facebook friends for ideas I got recommendations such as "Lord Cuddlebottom's Child Emporium" and "Shut Yo Mouf Preskoo"I'm hoping your ideas will be less hilarious and more helpful, although the hilarity was definitely helpful in its own way).



Cheeseboy said...

I personally love the Lord Cuddlebottom's Child Emporium.

Angela said...

What a great idea! You'll be fantastic, I'm sure. The only names that come to mind right now are Kids R Kids Preschool, Megs Place and MmmmBop Preschool - to steal your cute blog name! I think it would work really cute for a preschool name too! Good luck!!

jww said...

You are both brave and awesome rolled into one!! You ROCK! I have to say, my vote would TOTALLY be for "Shut Yo Mouf Preskoo" (I'm still recovering from reading that) if you weren't ... you know, WANTING people to come to your preschool. So I will look at my REAL choices on the sidebar and vote... Don't forget: you rock.

My Oatmeal Kisses said...

I'm so excited for you! It will be perfect for your stage of life. You will be so fun! I wish I lived near you so I could send Mae. Here is my favorite preschool site Good luck girl!

C C & R said...

Congratulations! I did actually cast a vote on your side bar, but I really would enjoy seeing a sign Lord Cuddlebottom's Child Emporium - probably not the best way to get people to come though.

My Oatmeal Kisses said...

Megs, I've been thinking about it and I think the name Mmmboppin' Preschool: A Preschool for Awesome Kids would be a good name too. Maybe I'm way off the mark....

Marnie said...

Let me know what your fees will be and when you're up and running!

Mary Jane said...

You won't regret it! If you want to bounce ideas off me, now that I have 2 years of mistakes and successes under my belt, I'd love to chat. As far as a name, choose something that you can have lots of props and papers that go with it.

K said...

What? Twins weren't enough for you?

Sharlyn said...

you are an amazingly, brave, thoughtful, brave, talented, brave.....woman.

EmmaP said...

Tiny Tykes Academy
Busy Bee Academy
Little Learners
Polliwogs Preschool
Jack & Jill Learning Center
The Paw Paw Patch
Flying Aces

Tutor Tots -- nah. sounds like you're giving kids the toots!

You could use the title of a nursery rhyme, although I'd avoid Humpty Dumpty as it sounds like "Preschool for Dummies." Probably staying away from "Wee Willy Winkies" is good too.

Do you have a favorite kid song? Maybe a line from that?

I am sure you'll think of something... you're brilliant like that.

Good luck!!!

EmmaP said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that alliteration works well for places of business. Why not Preschool?

Bright Beginnings
Discovery Den

Or maybe it's a simple name like your favorite bird of flower or tree?
The Juniper Tree


Dan said...

Hun, I love that you are doing this preschool!! I am way excited for you and want you to know that I support you 110%

I've been thinking for a long time on a good preschool name. I know that you have told me many times that the most important part of preschool is not necessarily the ABC's but is the social learning of sharing and listening.

So, the name that I propose is the "Fancy Preschool Social Club of Lehi."

JJ said...

How about "The Boppin preschool" good luck! also try advertising on I have been trying to start my own preschool in the promised land of Orem and no takers...crossing my fingers for you!


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