Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sleepover Party

While in Vegas for my much needed visit with the Grandfolks, I had the chance to catch up with my darling cousins Whitney and Shaylin. 

Back in the day, when I was in high school, they looked like this:

Now they're grown up. And I haven't gotten any older. So, we're all the same age! Oh wait, I'm 29. And they're 16 and 17. Dang.

Anyway, we hung out and giggled and made fun of our parents--like teenagers--the whole weekend. We hacked into my mom's facebook and left all sorts of awesome messages on our own walls ("You're my favorite niece. Seriously.") We even made what may be our finest comedic video production (making movies has been a Rasmussen cousin norm since VHS was invented). But the candle on the cousin cake was when Shay and Whiggy dragged me into Whitney's bedroom on the last night and informed me that I would be joining them in a cousin sleepover.

All 3 of us piled into Whitney's full bed and giggled and told embarrassing stories about ourselves until I was sure that my mom would come and get after me for staying up too late just like old times. For one night it felt really great to be 17 again.

Shay-bay and Whiggy Whit, I love you. Seriously.


LL said...

now THAT sounds fun!!!

Cheeseboy said...

Sounds almost exactly like my last night with my cousins. Except for, well everything.

Still, good times.

K said...


jww said...

That sounds SO FUN!!!


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