Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fairy Tea Party

Because of our dearest friend, Laura Wadley ("Auntie Wad" as my family calls her), my mom was lucky enough to be the recipient of some coveted Provo Library Fairy Tea Party tickets. She gave them to me and Beth so we could take our little fairies Clara and Maggie.

Maggie was in love with the idea the first time I mentioned it. "And I have wings?" she asked. "And I wear sparkle shoes?" Yes, Maggie. And a crown.

She wasn't sure about getting her hair curled. Actually she was sure set against it. Nevertheless, she succumbed to the fabulous hair talents of Beth's sister Laura with darling results. Even as she sat there pouting I just couldn't get over her adorable fairy princess transformation.

Clara, on the other hand, was all for her makeover. She even begged for lipstick. Love that girl.

At the library they had a little book shop set up with every fairy book or treasure you could imagine. These girls plotted what they would later be asking Santa for (knowing their moms was broke).

I donned an enormous blue Mother of the Bride dress that I bought for Dan's Halloween costume 5 years ago. I know you're jealous. But Beth said my hot lipstick almost made up for the hideousness of the dress.  The wings helped too I'm sure. And the large diamond centered bow on the hip.

Beth dazzled wearing her sister Trina's 80's prom dress. I still can't get over it. We were complimented many times by the poor mothers that chose not to Fairy-it-up. Next year if everybody's wearing 80's fashions along with their fairy garb, you'll know who inspired them.

Being a fairy is great fun.


jww said...

I LOVE IT!!! What a cool thing. What lucky little girls. And you guys rock for fairy-ing it up, too. Your lipstick is H-O-T. Beth's dress is totally Cinderella! (The Disney chick, not the 80s rock group.)

Kirsten said...

This is soooo awesome!!!! I seriously love you guys and love that you went all the way with it. Oh I would have totally loved to have done this with the girls and you guys! How cute everyone looked...especially you and Beth! And for the record, I'm seriously glad you are blogging's fun to see what you are up to.

Marilyn said...

Oh Bethie, you made that dress shine in a way I never did. And Megan, you were spectacular. Simply spectacular. Loppert.

Beth said...

That's right! Marilyn wore Trina's dress for her engagement pictures! I forgot about that. Marilyn, you missed the amazing lace-up corset in the back.
Meg, I meant to email you pictures what I have 'cause I knew you'd be posting about it. Wern't it fun? I'll email you the pictures when I remember.

Camille said...

Phew! I just read all the posts, and can I just say, I'm SO glad you're back! I have been preparing myself to read one of those, "I'm taking a step back and cutting this blog." I'd reviewed in my mind what I would do when I could no longer come here for a little laughter and inspiration. It wasn't pretty and I wasn't looking forward to it, so THANK YOU for sticking with it for my sake!!! :)

Cherringtons said...

That looks so fun!! Glad you had a great time with Maggie, so cute!!

Angela said...

You are too too fun! Love it!

K said...

I was an actual fairy in the seventies. That was before the eighties. In the park. With shimmers on my face and a leather head-band and shredded pants. Puck. But I wouldn't have been invited to this party, because I was a boy then. And I couldn't figure out who the person in the blue dress was. I REALLY couldn't. You looked like a fifties mom crossed with that Monroe person (perhaps because you were sitting down). Beth - yes. People who can still zip up 80s things just mystify me.

Dan and Emalee said...

Red lip stick is totally hot on you!


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