Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tiff's Twin Shower

One of my dearest friends, {Tiffany}, gave birth to her adorable twins yesterday! It reminded me of the fact that I never posted pictures of the baby shower we threw for her in November.

I made these cute twin cupcakes using baby shower party favor babies and the cutest polka dot cupcake wrappers I found at JoAnn's. Since Tiff's twins are a boy and girl, I thought the pink wrappers and the blue frosting were fun.

The color scheme for the party was pink, blue, and orange (with a lot of emphasis on the pink, since this is Tiff's first girl!)

I was too busy laughing and enjoying myself when the guests arrived, so I don't have any pictures of the actual party. Dang it. But it was really fun. We had salads, soups, and lots of sweets!

I made 3 sets of twin onesies for the babies. I thought they turned out fun.

Now I can't wait to see those little ones and I'm so happy they are safely here!


Katie Gee said...

Great deocr!! My favorite onesies are the 1 of 2 and 2 of 2!! That's hilarious!! Congratulations to Tiffany!

Jenifer said...

I so want to know how you made those onesies! They are too cute. I'd love to make some for my new niece.

-Your blogstalker (aka you don't know me, but I think we know some people in common & I enjoy your blog)

jww said...

SO SO SO cute! I love all of it! The cupcakes ARE darling, as is (was?) the decor. You really outdid yourself with the onesies, though. They are killing me. SO CUTE! AH!

the fellers said...

wow, how cute are those onesies, the robots are so freaking cute! And I LOVE the decor, you are so cute and crafty, and I have to say, those little dishes of treats looked SOOOOO good

Cherringtons said...

k so im either going to have to have you show me how you do your onesies or ill pay you to make some for me. Brian's sister is having twins next year and that would be fun to give her some. Ill get with you sometime when i figure out what she is having.

Cheeseboy said...

I don't really have a comment except to say that as a male first grade teacher, I have probably been to more baby showers than any other man on earth. And wedding showers. So, I am probably the most qualified man to comment on this post.

That being said, I don't really have anything to comment.

K said...

Well, you pretty much outdid yourself. You sure put your clever, quick wit to pleasant uses, kiddo. All three sets are funny and fresh and totally charming. Glad you showed me.

Tiffany said...

It was the best baby shower e.v.e.r.
You pretty much rock as a friend! Thanks Megs!!


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