Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Snow Babies

Maggie is a big fan of the snow. The twins--not so much. Maggie couldn't wait to make her first snow angel.

And she couldn't wait to force her mother to make her a snowman. But she happily ran inside to fetch the carrot. She insisted that every snowman needs a carrot nose. She's right you know.

The boys stood on the sidelines whining. They didn't want to touch the snow. Or even walk in it.

We knew it was time to go in and call it a cold day, when after this picture the twins pushed the snowmen over.

Luckily for Maggie, I'm sure we'll build plenty more this winter.


jww said...

This post was so cute. I am with the boys on the sidelines whining when it comes to snow. Therefore, I was never as much fun as you were for Maggie building the snowman (forced or otherwise), so I think that's super cool! My youngest two love snow (and my oldest did when he was their age). "Luckily," we have plennnnnnnty of it here in western NY. sigh I love-love the snowmen you made!! :)

K said...

I remember snow at that age. But without twins. Really though? Once the snow got into my galoshes, the honeymoon was WAY over.


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